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Subject: Back Pain from automobile accident
Message: I was treated by Dr. L Han’s mother almost 20 years ago for pain in my back that i got from being hit from behind in a car accident. I tried all of the doctors in the area and I got no relief. My back hurt every day for 7 years the only relief i got was going to sleep but even that was not restful. I was told about acupuncture by a friend that was also treated by Dr. Han’s mom so I went to see her. She told me she could fix it but not in one visit so i went back twice a week for one month and once a week for another month. the pain went away and has never returned. I have finally convinced my wife to go see Dr. Han she also has been hurting for years and even though she has only had a couple of treatments she is all ready showing improvement. I cant say enough nice things about this family and practice. They gave me life back and helping my wife now too. Do yourself a favor and consult with Dr. Han Acupuncture works. I know it worked on me.
Charles R.


I’ve been a patient of Dr Han for over 10 years. He has helped me with various health challenges including CARPAL TUNNEL (he recommended that i use a mouse with a ball and not twist my wrist); LOWER BACK PAIN, HEEL SPUR, FROZEN SHOULDER, THIGH PAIN.
Dr Han also gives me tips how to avoid such pains…for heel spur wear the right kind of shoes, one with proper support, etc.
Also I go to Dr Han for acupuncture since I prefer natural treatment instead of taking pain medications.
Thank you Doctor Han!
Glad to hear your new schedule.
Luisa R.


I came to Dr Han 10 years ago. I had 2 auto immune illnesses. One only 350 have one. They were no responding well to current treatments. 94% of all neurologists have never seen a case of Stiff Person Syndrome. Dr Han researched the illnesses and found the acupuncture community did not know about it. He was willing to work with me on controlling the progression of the illness. I was heavily medicated and having serve spasms lasting up to 45 minutes. He found the right treatments and within 6 months my symptoms began to improve .My neurologist was pleased with the progress. My condition with both illnesses improved to the point my spasms last 10 seconds or less and happen 90% less often. The medicine was reduced to almost none.
If Dr Han had not tried working with me to find the right points to place the needles I believe I would have died years ago as was predicted. There is still not a cure found and people are dying from this illness.
Thank you Dr Han
John c.


A bad word cannot be spoken against Dr. Han. He’s the best in the area, hands down. He’s classically trained, comes from a family of acupuncturists, and owns his own college (yes, college!) in Orlando. If you think you might remotely be interested, pay him a visit.
— Aaron M. (Yelp)


I have a kind of rare disease cause Sacroiliitis. I went to two orthopedics, my family doctor, and a couple of chiropractors, and no one could figure out what went wrong with my hip and why it hurt so much. I finally gave in to acupuncture when the pain was unbearable and I could not walk. I went in to Dr. Han’s office in a wheel chair, crying in pain, and came out WALKING!
Dr. Han knows his stuff and is a great doctor and acupuncturist. Give him a try!!!
Linda S. (Yelp)


Dr. Han is the only acupuncturist I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience the many benefits of acupuncture treatments. He has treated my wife for back, shoulder and leg problems, my son for major insomnia where no other treatment worked, as well as ADHD and myself for prostate problems, hearing loss and a shoulder injury. He takes the time to thoroughly evaluate your health problem and customizes the treatment.
“Ten out of Ten stars”.
Joe B.


Congresswoman Brown speaking at the 25th anniversary of the Florida College of Integrative Medicine. She wants to launch a pilot project giving VA hospital patients an opportunity to receive alternative medicine treatments, such as acupuncture.