2017 Fee Schedules


We are proudly to introduce our new 2017 fee schedules and the【WELLNESS PROGRAM】that we believed

it is the best plan for patients whom needs multiple visits.


Initial Visit + Evaluation and TreatmentRepeated TreatmentWELLNESS PROGRAM


 Single VisitRepeated VisitProgram Benefits
Consultation & Evaluation*vvv
Acupuncture Treatmentvvv
Therapeutic massage if neededvvv
Elec. Stimulationvvv
Infrared Heatvvv
Treat additional conditionsvvv
Detailed Monthly Evaluation*xxv
15% off herbal purchasexxv


Don’t think that Acupuncture is just for your pain management!  Acupuncture can helpful to ease and deal with anxiety and stress levels, boosting up immunity, promoting overall health, best approach to compliment your current treatment.


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