Muscular disorders and pain

We are experienced in treating the following muscular disorders and pain:

  • Neck and back pain:  Tension headache, sprained sternocleidomastoideus SCM, trapezius and or levator scapulae, cervical-brachial syndrome, scalenus syndrome (scalene anterior muscle), rhomboid and latissimus dorsi.
  • Limited range of motion in Shoulder or Frozen Shoulder can be caused by strained:  Bicep short head/long head or triceps, Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres muscle, subscapularis.  Scapulohumeral periarthritis or subacromial bursitis.  Serratus anterior and pectoralis major injury.
  • Elbow and forearm pain can be caused by: Lateral humeral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial humeral epicondylitis (enthesopathy), olecranon bursitis, and over-compensate brachioradialis.
  • Wrist and hands:  Wrist sprain, tenosynovitis of hand or wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome, and strain metacarpalphalangel joint, arthralgia with stiffness and swelling in joint.
  • Lower back, lumbar ad pelvis area:  Lumbar sprain and strain including sacroillitis, sacrum strain, 3rd lumbar vertebra syndrome, sciatic pain, piriformis syndrome, stiffness of spine, herniated disc.
  • Pain in abdomen and hip:  Dysmenorrheal, groin pain, iliacus and Sartorius strain. Gluteus maximus strain, tension in fascia and gluteus medius.  Periformis syndrome and superior clunial nerve irritation.
  • Pain in thigh:  Vastus medialis adductor injury, quadriceps femoris and or hamstring injuries, stiffness in tensor fascia late.
  • Knee pain:  Collateral ligament injury or bursitis, semimembranosus bursitis, patella femur pain syndrome, meniscus injury, IT Band friction syndrome, infrapatella pain, pes anserinus tendonitis or bursitis, Baker’s cyst, patella pain (theater syndrome), osteoarthritis pain.
  • Leg and foot pain:  Tibialis anterior muscle lock and pain, triceps muscle in calf, sprain ankle, pain in lateral side of leg (fibularis longus muscle strain), tarsal tunnel syndrome, metatarsophalangeal joint strain syndrome, painful heels causing by calcaneal spur, Achilles bursitis, plantar fascitis.
  • Others:  Acute and chronic pain due to trauma, postoperative pain, muscle atrophy, fibrositis, myalgia myositis, acute and chronic fasciitis.