Frequent Asked Questions


What to do BEFORE your appointment

  • Eat a light meal.
  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine at least 6 hours before your treatment.
  • Rest well the night before your appointment.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing.
  • Bring the most updated list of mediations you are currently taking.
  • Do not exercise vigorously.


What to do AFTER your appointment

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Rest and take it easy for the rest of the day.
  • Eat light meals.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol.
  • Do not exercise vigorously.



  • What is your fee per visit?
  • Our fee of service for the first session is $100 followed by $80 for repeated visit if paid by cash.
  • Please download the insurance form so that we can verify for you if your policy covers the Acupuncture treatment and the percentage that would be reimbursed.
  • What is included in the treatment?
    • The $80 cash charge includes:
      • Acupuncture treatment
    • Depending on our assessment and treatment plan of your condition, the treatment may include:
      • Effective Chinese Therapeutic Massage (Tui-Na) based on Tension Point Therapy that is most effective compare to all forms of massage and it usually takes only a few seconds or few minutes.
      • Electric Stimulation
      • Infrared heat lamp
    • How long is each session?
      • Each session usually lasts 35 – 45 minutes.
    • Can you treat more than one condition in a visit?
      • Yes, we are happy to help you with more than one issue in a visit.
      • If you have more than one issue, we will be happy to look at it and treat at no extra charge, however, for best therapeutic results, we prefer to focus on one chief complaint at a time, and move on to the next issue once your first complaint has gotten better.
    • Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for my visits?
      • Please first verify with your insurance plan provider. Many of our patients use their HSA or FSA to pay for their sessions. This is an excellent option for paying for treatment as FSA and HSA accounts are tax-advantaged. To learn more:
    • I am an elderly patient, do I get a special rate?
      • Elderly patients (age 65 and up) is entitled to receive a 10% discount off our cash charge.
    • I am military personnel; do I get a special rate?
      • Military personnel including veterans with a proper ID is entitled to receive a 10% discount off our cash charge.
    • I am a first responder; do I get a special rate?
      • First responders with proper ID are entitled to receive a 10% discount off our cash charge.
    • If my condition requires multiple visits, do I get a special rate?
      • Some ailments do require repeated visits, and we will be happy to work with you.  Currently we have special rate to help patient reduce their cost.
    • What is included in the free consultation?
      • A scheduled consultation is free of charge.  The procedure usually includes an overview of your medical history, and your current general health condition, history of your chief complaint, review of your X-Rays or MRI and other diagnostic imaging followed by a detailed explanation of our assessment, treatment plan and prognosis.  The consultation normally takes 15 – 20 minutes.
      • For complicated conditions or multiple condition checkups that take more than 30 minutes, there will be a consultation charge of $20.
    • Are your herbs safe?
      • Yes!  We use only Chinese Herbs of the highest quality that are supplied by vendors who are cGMP certified.


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